[grand-rapids-pm-list] Higher Order Perl - Has anyone read it yet?

Matt Diephouse matt at diephouse.com
Fri Apr 15 12:47:17 PDT 2005

Joe Wright wrote:
> This morning I read The Perl Review's interview with Mark Jason 
> Dominus 
> (http://www.theperlreview.com/Interviews/mjd-hop-20050407.html?up) 
> about his new book "Higher Order Perl" (http://perl.plover.com/hop).  
> Just the other day I was wishing that I could use Perl to do closures, 
> and that turns out to be one of the things described in the book.  Has 
> anyone read "Higher Order Perl" yet?  Is it worthwhile?  I'll probably 
> ask my manager to expense it for me but wonder if anyone has a feel 
> for it yet.

I haven't read "Higher Order Perl" yet, but I look forward to doing so. 
MJD (as he is known) is an active member of the perl community[1] and a 
Smart Guy™[2]. I'm sure the book will be worthwhile. If you're not 
hesitant, you can wait until he posts the book on his website[3], but 
that might be a little while yet.

In the meantime, you might check out:

   - "Achieving Closure": 
      A tutorial about closures in Perl.

   - "Closure on Closures": http://perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=268891
      Another tutorial about closures in Perl.

   - "May Thy Closures Be Blessed": 
      An interesting use of closures to do some OO programming.

Hope this helps,

matt diephouse

[1] MJD is actually a part of the "Perl Cabal" -- the head honchos of 
the Perl community. These are the folks who are designing Perl 6.  You 
can see his cabal character card at 

[2] This is actually a prerequisite for [1], but is worth stating. You 
can articles, modules, and talks that he's written at his website: 

[3] As part of his contract, he can distribute the complete text on his 
website: <http://perl.plover.com/hop/#free>.

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