[Chicago-talk] system command to kill Xwindows session?

Warren Lindsey warren.lindsey at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 09:30:35 PDT 2010

I suggest you checkout zgv. It does not require X and will display pix  
fullscreen passed from command line. I use it on and old laptop to  
display pix from a webcam.

On Mar 13, 2010, at 8:02 PM, Jonathan Rockway <jon- 
chicagotalk at jrock.us> wrote:

> * On Thu, Mar 11 2010, Richard Reina wrote:
>> Hello Jonathan,
>> Thanks again for your suggestions.  I was reading up on Xvfb and I  
>> not
>> sure I understand what it will and won't do.  What I need is to  
>> give a
>> user working in console mode to the ability to view a multi-page tiff
>> file and save it.  This is something I currently do in Xwindows using
>> evince.  Will a Xvfb session allow for that?  If not is the code you
>> included below a good way to go about something like that?
> Nope, that's not what Xvfb will do.  Xvfb will act as an X server for
> applications that don't need to display something or accept keyboard
> input from the user.  If you actually want something to show up on the
> screen, it's not the right solution.
> So my question now is: Why is the user working at a console instead of
> in an X session?  It is pretty strange to startup an entire X session
> every time you need to view an image.  If you want to have a
> command-line inside X, use xterm or equivalent.  Make it fill the  
> screen
> and pick a big font, and it will look exactly like the console.   
> Except
> your program doesn't need to worry about starting X anymore.
> Regards,
> Jonathan Rockway
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