[Chicago-talk] January 2009 Chicago.pm Meeting

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 11:52:30 PST 2009

If you were on the fence about attending, this might help.  Marsee
from O'Reilly saw that we were talking about CouchDB and offered five
access codes to the rough cut of their upcoming CouchDB book
(http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596158163/index.html).  We'll be
giving those away at the meeting... you have to be present to win :)

Thanks Marsee!

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Joshua McAdams
<joshua.mcadams at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out
> online:
> https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pOCmTCN6VWDa6dHIE4W9HEQ
> January 2009 Chicago.pm Meeting
> On January 27th we'll kick off the new year of Chicago.pm with a meeting
> with not one, but two featured talks!
> Jeremy Wall will be talking about development with CouchDB. He'll be
> highlighting the differences between CouchDB and a traditional RDBMS. During
> his talk you will see how to set up a CouchDB schema and write views to
> retrieve data from the CouchDB Schema.  He'll also share some of his
> experience and point out some of the gotcha's you might encounter when
> writing views. And of course, the Perl tie-in... Jeremy will show off his
> CPAN Module for CouchDB.
> For those who don't know, CouchDB, or more formally, Apache CouchDB, is a
> free and open source document-oriented database written in the Erlang
> programming language. It is designed for extreme scalability and is easily
> deployed to multi-core or multi-server clusters.
> We'll also hear from Andrew Dougherty, who will give us an update of his
> FRDCSA project.  FRDCSA is an advanced Artificial Intelligence created by
> automatically scouring the web for advanced AI systems, retrieving and
> packaging them for various operating systems, and finally building upon
> these packages. Incidentally, many systems not considered to be AI are also
> necessary as part of the operating system infrastructure.
> There you have it... databases written in functional programming languages
> and advanced topics in artificial analysis.  If that's not enough technical
> goodness to get you to brave the Chicago cold, I'm not sure what is.  See
> you on the 27th.
> Meeting Details:
> Date: Tuesday 27th January 2009
> Time: 7pm-9pm, typically with a journey for drinks immediately afterward
> Where: 20 W Kinzie, 8th Floor
> Please be sure to RSVP so that you don't get hassled at the front door :)
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