[Chicago-talk] Perl Advent Help

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 11:28:17 PST 2007

Hello Chicago.pm,
   I've been talking with the organizer of perladvent.org, Jerrad  
Pierce, and he is too busy to write any entries until mid-December.   
In order to help him out, we need to get some more community  
involvement in writing advent entries for at least the first 14 days  
of December.  The entries are typically pretty short, so they don't  
require too much time.  Of course, they need to be well written and  
it's always nice if there is a holiday slant to the story.  You can  
see examples at perladvent.org.  If you interested, there is a huge  
list of topic ideas that I can point you to.... just let me know.
   And finally, if just being an active member of the Perl community  
isn't enough incentive, last year O'Reilly was kind enough to give  
each of the advent authors a free book of the author's choice.  I  
haven't heard anything about that happening again this year, but it's  
always a possibility.
   If you all want, we can have an advent writing evening at my  
place.  I'll provide egg-nog and a few snacks if you can bring a  
computer and the will to write an entry.  We'd have to do it early  
this week in order to give Jerrad time to get the entries edited and  
posted for December 1st.
   Anyone interested?

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