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Jeremy Wall jeremy at marzhillstudios.com
Thu Nov 22 15:18:09 PST 2007

Things in Perl I'm thankful for,

Moose: finally an Object Oriented framework I don't mind using.

Catalyst: An web development framework that doesn't annoy me.

Chicago.pm: Finally get to meet some other perl folks  I'm no longer an
island :-)

On 11/22/07, Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com> wrote:
> From http://perlbuzz.com/2007/11/perl-gratitude-2007.html
>     Here in the US, it's Thanksgiving, a day of eating lots of food,
>     watching football, and sometimes, just sometimes, expressing
> gratitude
>     and giving thanks for those things that make life wonderful.
>     Here are the things I'm grateful for in late 2007, in no particular
>     order after the first.
> Google Code
>     [5]Google's project hosting service has been a godsend. It's changed
>     the way I do open source projects. It has leapfrogged SourceForge
> for
>     ease of maintenance, and the bug tracker trumps [6]RT for CPAN that
>     we've been using for so long. Add that to the integration with
> Google
>     Groups which makes it trivial to create mailing lists, and it's at
> the
>     tops of my list for 2007. I can't say enough good about it.
> The readers of Perlbuzz
>     Eleven weeks ago, Skud and I started this little website called
>     [7]Perlbuzz as an alternative to the "more traditional outlets" for
>     news in the Perl world. The response has been tremendous. We get 600
>     RSS readers every day, and have had over 10,000 unique visitors in
> that
>     time. It makes me happy that our little venture is used and
> appreciated
>     by the community.
> Test::Harness 3.0
>     It's been over a year in the making, but the new version of [8]the
>     crucial Test::Harness 3.0 means more flexibility for module authors,
>     and lots of UI improvements for people who just want to run prove
> and
>     make test.
> Mark Dominus
>     MJD is so much a fixture in Perl it's easy to forget that he's
> there.
>     For 2007, though, never mind all the things he's done for Perl in
> the
>     past, or the hours I've spent being enthralled in talks of his. His
>     [9]Universe Of Discourse blog is the single most intelligent blog
> out
>     there, and sometimes it just happens to be about Perl.
> Andy Armstrong
>     Was Andy Armstrong always around, or did I just not notice? His time
>     and dedication spent on climbing on board with Ovid and Schwern
> and the
>     rest of the Test::Harness 3.0 crew has been invaluable in getting it
>     out. Plus, he's a really swell guy anyway.
> Dave Hoover
>     When I finally despaired of the amount of time and frustration it
> took
>     to organize content for [10]Chicago.pm's Wheaton meetings, Dave
> Hoover
>     stepped up and volunteered to take it over. I'm thankful, but not as
>     much as I hope the other Chicago.pm folks are.
> Perl::Critic
>     I'm all about having the machine keep an eye out for the stupid
> things
>     we do, and the goodness of [11]Perl::Critic is always impressive.
> You
>     won't like everything Perl::Critic says about your code, but
> that's OK.
>     It's an entire framework for enforcing good Perl coding practices.
> The Perl Community in general
>     The Perl community is populated by some tremendous folks. Some names
>     are more known than others, but these people help make daily Perl
> life
>     better for me. In no particular order, I want to single out Pete
>     Krawczyk, Kent Cowgill, Elliot Shank, Liz Cortell, Jason Crome,
> Yaakov
>     Sloman, Michael Schwern, Andy Armstrong, Ricardo Signes, Julian
> Cash,
>     Jim Thomason, chromatic, Chris Dolan, Adam Kennedy, Josh McAdams
> and of
>     course Kirrily Robert. If you think you should be on this list,
> you're
>     probably right, and I just forgot.
> My wife, Amy Lester
>     Because even if she doesn't understand this part of my life, she at
>     least understands its importance to me.
>       __________________________________________________________________
>     I'd love to hear back from any readers about what they're thankful
> for.
>     I'm thinking about having a regular Perlbuzz "Love Letters to Perl"
>     column where people write about what they love in Perl.
>     5. http://code.google.com/hosting/
>     6. http://rt.cpan.org/
>     7. http://perlbuzz.com/
>     8. http://search.cpan.org/dist/Test-Harness/
>     9. http://blog.plover.com/
>    10. http://chicago.pm.org/
>    11. http://perlcritic.tigris.org/
> xoxo,
> Andy
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