[Chicago-talk] good DSL ISPs in the area?

Jonathan T. Rockway jon at jrock.us
Sun Aug 5 00:43:19 PDT 2007

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 03:00:47PM -0500, Michael D. Stemle, Jr. wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 August 2007 14:28:42 Tom Yarrish wrote:
> > While I don't have them anymore (distance to the CO was an issue for
> > me), I had great service with Speakeasy.  I know a lot of people have
> > recommended them.
> > However, they did get bought by Best Buy a few months back, so I
> > can't say how they are now.

They're still the best.  Try calling them (any time of the day) and
your problem will be acted upon within minutes.  It's awesome.

> There's no such thing as good DSL.  Way too slow.  Though I suppose cable up 
> there isn't much better.  

I get 6M/1M, which is good enough.

> Unfortunately, however, most DSL providers I know of require you to use the 
> only telephone company that has illegally shared customer information with 
> the feds (AT&T).  Hopefully I'm wrong about the AT&T requirement.

Which is why you use encryption.  Let the government waste time with
wiretapping.  They can't read *my* private mail, so who cares?

Of course, maybe the NSA can break the encryption.  But if they can
break AES and announce that fact to the world (by prosecuting people
with evidence obtained through encrypted mail), then they let the
people that they actually care about (foreign governments) know to
stop using AES.  Which is something they don't want to happen.

The fact of the matter is that you're not important enough for the
government to care about.  It's better to worry about things you can
actually change, anyway.

Jonathan Rockway

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