[Chicago-talk] Interesting read

Jason Gessner jason at multiply.org
Tue Feb 7 21:47:47 PST 2006

On Feb 7, 2006, at 11:41 PM, Joshua McAdams wrote:
>   Hmm, if we wanted to promote
> Perl, this would be an interesting way to help do so.

or a good way to be mean to children.  :)

in all earnestness, one thing that occurred to me after reading  
ovid's piece and after listening to josh's interview with chad fowler  
is that perl is not necessarily an end point.  People that love perl  
tend to have a certain skill set and a certain attitude (about  
programming and problem solving).  That can be good, but as a selling  
point, only knowing perl is not as much of an attraction as only  
knowing C++/java or having a lot of professional experience with perl  
or another dynamic language, but actual work done in several.

Perl is one view of the world, despite some outward appearances.  In  
my experience both as a programmer and as someone who hires perl  
developers, perl + @other_languages can be a kick ass combination.   
$only_perl is a particular kind of thing that the market and the  
field is kind of leaving behind.


ps - it is late and that was rambly.  my apologies.

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