[Chicago-talk] Interesting read

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 21:41:04 PST 2006

> With Perl most people just "pick it up". Aside from any
> of us who can going out and teaching it at local public
> college extension programs, what is there we can do?

Pull a M$ or Apple and try to teach Perl earlier than college-level by
getting into the school system.  Get them hooked early.  The payoff
will not be immediate, but it would still happen while I'm in the job
market :)

The interview that I just did with Chris Pine focused on a book that
he wrote about learning to program with Ruby as a first language.  He
uses it in his volunteer work with gifted kids.  It's good for him,
good for the kids, and good for Ruby.  Hmm, if we wanted to promote
Perl, this would be an interesting way to help do so.

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