[Chicago-talk] Organization and Planning for the group

Pete Krawczyk mongers at bsod.net
Thu Nov 3 17:08:08 PST 2005

Subject: [Chicago-talk] Organization and Planning for the group
From: Jason Gessner <jason at multiply.org>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 17:25:01 -0600

}I would like to get some momentum going in the group again.  To that  
}end, what if we start throwing out meeting topics and try to plan out  
}our next 3-4 months in a stretch.

I'm sure we could take some of the months that aren't "scheduled" for 
anything and start doing some YAPC planning and breakout.  There's a lot 
to do and Josh and I could use all the help we can find :-)

-Pete K
Pete Krawczyk
  perl at bsod dot net

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