[Chicago-talk] What exactly is a "Application Framework"

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 10:21:54 PST 2005

> Although I wouldn't mind hearing why Basset's persistence layer is
> better than CDBI (at least when persisting into an RDBMS).  I'm sort of
> a fan of CDBI.

I'd rattled off my list back in an earlier post, maybe in another thread.

I don't like CDBI for the same reason that I don't like a lot of the
other CPAN stuff - they all play by their own rules and don't
necessarily play together. CDBI, for example, cannot be properly used
if you want to use error codes instead of exceptions (not claiming to
take sides in that religious debate, just an example), short of major
hacking of its internals (AFAIK).

Grand scheme of things? Realistically? I'm not convinced that there
are compelling arguments for any one persistent layer vs. another,
other than inertia. If it works for you and you can live with the
constraints, the speed, and the impedence mismatch, then go for it.

Going from nothing -> something is more important going from something
-> something else.

All I've really wanted here is suggestions as to what people would
like to see to help me get basset elevated to the "something" level. I
really don't care about bashing the other options since it's not going
to accomplish anything. There are lots of good products out there that
I have no interest in using, and I'm really trying to refrain on the

I can live with people thinking that my software sucks and they hate
it and it doesn't do what they want it to - no skin off of my stiff
upper lip. I do get ticked when it's dismissed out of hand because of
an existing solution, though.


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