[Chicago-talk] What exactly is a "Application Framework"

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Tue Mar 29 10:03:51 PST 2005

Jim Thomason wrote:
>>Why are you so defensive about the C::DBI comparison?  Data access is
>>so crucial that people want something good, fast and simple.
> I'm defensive about it because it's a pigeon holing issue. CDBI is a
> persistence layer, Basset is a framework.

Since Basset and CDBI are BOTH persistence layers, why is Basset better 
than CDBI?  :)  <just a joke if that wasn't obvious>

Although I wouldn't mind hearing why Basset's persistence layer is 
better than CDBI (at least when persisting into an RDBMS).  I'm sort of 
a fan of CDBI.


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