[Chicago-talk] Basset Bullet Points

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Mon Mar 28 14:00:07 PST 2005

That's the ticket right there. It helps the reader make an educated decision about when 
to use Basset compared with a competitor to Basset. It's ok that you can't compare 
Basset to POE and Mason, etc. They probably aren't direct competitors to what you're 
doing anyway, where CDBI is.

Now all this info that you've gathered today, put onto a web site somewhere, and link to 
it from the POD.

> I end up fighting more against Class::DBI, so I can probably hit more
> bullet points comparing Basset's persistence layer
> (Basset::Object::Persistent) against CDBI's.
> * BOP allows exceptions or error codes, CDBI locks you into exceptions.
> * BOP allows multi-column foreign keys.
> * BOP allows transparent multi-table -> single class mappings.
> * BOP tries to address more OO <-> RDBMS impedence mismatches.
> * BOP is 20-60% faster. (though I do admit that I need to write up a
> wider benchmark suite)
> * BOP will either figure things out for itself (as possible), or trust
> you to provide it.
> * CDBI is more widely used and has been hammered on more.
> * CDBI has more built-in trigger points

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