[Chicago-talk] Basset Bullet Points

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 13:53:56 PST 2005

I suppose I'm not allowed to lie.

"Basset turns water into wine. POE will give you cancer. Mason will
make you become sexually attracted to penguins."

I'll give it a crack, though.

Basset is a consistent toolbox. You always know what a screwdriver
looks like, and when to use one. It gives you some tools to use to
build your application, and the rules to allow you to create your own
tools as you need them. You do not download and "run basset", you only
get building blocks out of the box; you get the foundation on which to
build your application.

As for a detailed comparison between those guys, I can't do it off the
top of my head, since I haven't done terribly detailed comparisons. As
a first shot, I'd say that you can use Basset as a core foundation for
building any of those other technologies, but you can't use those
technologies to build each other, or basset. No, I'm not claiming that
basset is feature complete with all of those frameworks, just that
it's lower level (as I understand it).

I end up fighting more against Class::DBI, so I can probably hit more
bullet points comparing Basset's persistence layer
(Basset::Object::Persistent) against CDBI's.

* BOP allows exceptions or error codes, CDBI locks you into exceptions.
* BOP allows multi-column foreign keys.
* BOP allows transparent multi-table -> single class mappings.
* BOP tries to address more OO <-> RDBMS impedence mismatches.
* BOP is 20-60% faster. (though I do admit that I need to write up a
wider benchmark suite)
* BOP will either figure things out for itself (as possible), or trust
you to provide it.
* CDBI is more widely used and has been hammered on more.
* CDBI has more built-in trigger points


On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 15:11:05 -0600, JT Smith <jt at plainblack.com> wrote:
> I would also express:
> a) What is basset not.
> b) What are the pros and cons of Basset compared with POE, Mason, WebGUI, or any other
> app framework written in perl
> POE makes writing network servers easier.
> Mason is a rapid prototyping system for web pages.
> WebGUI is a web content application server.
> Basset is a ......, and here's why you'd use Basset over each of the above.
> On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 15:04:53 -0600
>   Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com> wrote:
> > On Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 02:53:46PM -0600, Jim Thomason (thomasoniii at gmail.com) wrote:
> >> I've been yapping with Andy. We've come up with some bullet points.
> >
> > Those aren't bullet points.  They're bullet paragraphs.
> >
> > Basset is:
> >
> > * An application framework for web, shell, Tk, or anything.
> >
> > * Makes object persistence easy, but doesn't require an RDBMS.
> >
> > * Self-contained, so you don't have to add components into a
> >Frankeinstein's monster of two or twelve modules.
> >
> > * Parts of Basset that you want to replace can be replaced, if you DO
> > want to bring in outside help.
> >
> > * Fast, considering how flexible it is.
> >
> >
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