[Chicago-talk] I want to evangelize

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 09:27:23 PST 2005

> Well, for starters, a "minimum configuration file" that is a couple hundred
> lines long and that doesn't have a bunch of stuff i am told not to touch.  :)
> That scares me.

Oh, it's not that bad. The types entry shouldn't be touched until you
know what you're doing, since they're used by the abstract factory.
And it does say that, ya know. ;-)
> Also, with a web application framework

This note irks me the most, I've obviously gotta be more clear in my
docs - since it's not just a web application framework. It's just an
application framework. You can use it on the web, if you'd like, but
it operates quite nicely as a standalone framework as well. It's not
just web specific.

And calling HTML::Mason an awesome framework is a bit of a stretch, I
think. You ever try upgrading a version of mason? It's like pulling
teeth considering how often the API changes (at least going from an
older install -> a newer one)

> So, in a nutshell, good examples.  An interesting application written with the
> software, plus examples of why someone would want to code in the style

Good examples I can handle. Any suggestions as to what you'd consider
an "interesting application"?

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm gonna win this uphill fight, dammit.


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