[Chicago-talk] I want to evangelize

jason at multiply.org jason at multiply.org
Mon Mar 28 09:10:12 PST 2005

Quoting Jim Thomason <thomasoniii at gmail.com>:

> Okay, I've got Basset up on CPAN. IMESHO, it kicks a lot of ass, and
> I'm quite proud of it. However, my pride in my work does not
> necessarily translate into other people wanting to use it.
> So I'm opening it up to you guys. What sort of things would you all
> want to see in a software product before you'd consider it?
> Documentation? Examples? Speed tests? Preaching? Honestly, would
> anything convince you to look at it? (I'm not being critical or
> anything, just speaking generally - we all tend to get set in our ways
> with things, so I know I have an uphill fight).
> This is my standard issue with my software - since I know it so
> intimately, I don't necessarily know where to begin. To me, it's
> obvious. What would convince you?

Well, for starters, a "minimum configuration file" that is a couple hundred
lines long and that doesn't have a bunch of stuff i am told not to touch.  :)
That scares me.

Also, with a web application framework, you have a couple of things going
against you:
a)  there are lots of web frameworks out there
b)  there are a few awesome web frameworks out there (HTML::Mason, 
Rails, Struts
for java folks, etc.)
c)  A description of a "new web application framework" doesn't prepare people
for what programming habits they have now that Framework X either 
reinforces or
changes completely and throws out the window.

So, in a nutshell, good examples.  An interesting application written with the
software, plus examples of why someone would want to code in the style 
that the
app enforces.

-jason gessner
     jason at multiply.org

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