[Chicago-talk] Preventing Crisis: How to go from scapegoat to rock star

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Thu Mar 17 20:40:20 PST 2005

The next Chicago Perl Mongers meeting is still getting worked on, but 
until then, you can come hear my new talk "Preventing Crisis," as I get 
it ready to go for this summer's soon-to-be-announced Open Source 
Conference in Portland.

It'll be Tuesday, 3/22 at 7pm at the Uniforum meeting at College of 


Embarrassing bugs, late-night phone calls and impossible schedules are 
all crises no one wants, but are all too common. Don't accept them as 
inevitable: Prevent them! Learn how to change from scapegoat to rock 
star, and bring back the joy of development.

Crisis is always bad, even when you manage to solve the problem. Crisis 
always reflects poorly on you and your department.

It's almost a truism that development crises happen, but you don't have 
to work in a Dilbertesque hellhole. Crisis prevention must be an 
integral part of everything you and your department do. You'll learn 
how to:

* Keep management off your back so you can get real work done.

* Make honest schedules everyone can live with.

* Track your progress effectively to avoid 11th hour rushes.

* Stop your project from stalling, or sliding backwards.

* Handle change requests without stress.

* Go from scapegoats to rock stars.

These techniques have all been proven under fire, and draw from a 
number of methodologies.

I hope to see some Mongers there!


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