[Chicago-talk] Perl DBI / OO Development Opportunity / Trading

Brian Jameson brian.jameson at pksi.com
Thu Mar 17 15:45:33 PST 2005

Hi All,
I am looking to staff multiple positions for a project here in Downtown 
Chicago.  We are looking for strong Perl Developers who have experience 
with Perl DBI and Sybase SQL.  This person will be responsible for 
developing the data warehouse and developing data parsers/loaders utilizing 
OO Perl.  Our client is a premier financial/trading company and it would 
also be a great opportunity to utilize your Perl abilities to the 
fullest.  For more details please contact me ASAP.  I am looking to have 
discussions with as many Perl people as possible. Even though you may not 
be interested/available/etc, I'd like to touch base regardless.

All the Best!

Brian Jameson
Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.
brian.jameson at pksi.com
Office: 312-252-7314
Cell:   847-833-8433
Fax:    847-995-1111
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