[Chicago-talk] Lightning Talks tomorrow night, July 6th 7pm

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Mon Jul 5 21:18:13 CDT 2004

Tomorrow evening, we have a full slate of Lightning Talks from the
members of the Chicago Perl Mongers!  The meeting will start at 7pm.

Talks include (but maybe not in this order):

    Benchmarking Regular Expressions
        Pete Krawczyk 
    An Update On The Phalanx Project
        Andy Lester 
        Jason Gessner 
    Basset Blog
        Jim Thomason 
    LiveJournal and six degrees of separation
        Pete Krawczyk 
        Greg Fast 
    WWW::Mechanize and the public library
        Leland Johnson 
    Knit 1, Purl 1: Cellular-Automata Knitting Using Perl
        Elizabeth Cortell 
        John Amundsen 
    Application Development With CGI::Application and HTML::Template
        Jason Crome

I'm especially interested in John Amundsen's talk on TBA!

Meetings page: http://chi.pm.org/meetings/
Directions:    http://chi.pm.org/wdi-directions.html

Beforehand, some of us (at least me and newcomer Jason Crome, from the
wilds of DeKalb) will meet at El Famous Burrito about 6pm.  It's just
a half mile or so from WDI.  For you Mapquesters, it's at 230 Hawthorn
Village Comm, Vernon Hills, IL.

If anyone needs to get his/her slides onto my laptop, please do so ASAP.
I will have the slides on my laptop, plus an actual laser pointer for
lightning talk officialness!


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