[Chicago-talk] rename +fs boundries

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Fri Jul 2 17:42:32 CDT 2004

-- "Dooley, Michael" <Dooley.Michael at con-way.com>

> is it just me or does anyone else thing that rename should move across
> NFS and smb shares?

# perldoc -f rename

       rename OLDNAME,NEWNAME
               Changes the name of a file; an existing file NEW-
               NAME will be clobbered.  Returns true for success,
               false otherwise.

               Behavior of this function varies wildly depending
               on your system implementation.  For example, it
               will usually not work across file system bound-
               aries, even though the system mv command sometimes
               compensates for this.  Other restrictions include
               whether it works on directories, open files, or
               pre-existing files.  Check perlport and either the
               rename(2) manpage or equivalent system documenta-
               tion for details.

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