[Zurich-pm] Fwd: Invitation at PerlCon a.k.a YAPC::Europe for Perl mongers community

Steven Schubiger stsc at refcnt.org
Fri May 31 08:57:01 PDT 2019

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 17:30:19 +0300
From: PerlCon Riga <mail at perlcon.eu>
To: schubiger at cpan.org
Subject: Invitation at PerlCon a.k.a YAPC::Europe for Perl mongers community

Hello dear Steven!
We are the organisers of the annual European Perl Сonference – PerlCon
(a.k.a. YAPC::Europe).
We kindly ask you to help us to inform the community about our conference.
If you could please forward this email to the members of your Perl Mongers
group and friends who love Perl.
Thanks in advance!
Dear Perl mongers!

*We are inviting you to visit the annual European Perl Conference*, PerlCon
a.k.a. YAPC::Europe. This year, the conference takes place in Riga, Latvia.
The conference will be held from 7th to 9th of August 2019 at the Radisson
Blu Daugava Hotel with a picturesque view over the Old Riga.

*At the conference, you will find a lot of interesting talks*, such as
"Perl 5: The past, the present, and one possible future", "The working
architecture of Perl applications", "Perl 6 performance update," and many
others. More information about the conference contents you will find here:

*On top of that, there is an extensive entertainment program:* the Cocktail
party, the Game night, the Attendees dinner, the River cruise and more.
Full agenda: https://perlcon.eu/amenities

Don't miss an excellent opportunity to purchase your ticket at a good price.

You can also book a hotel room at our venue at non-public reduced prices
which are provided to us directly by the hotel.
This offer is limited to the number of rooms (only 15 rooms left) and is
quickly disappearing.

*Reserve a ticket and a hotel room at:* https://perlcon.eu/tickets

*We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference, on our website and
our pages in social networks:*

*Love Perl? Come to Riga!*

PerlCon 2019
The European Perl Conference in Riga, Latvia
https://perlcon.eu | mail at perlcon.eu

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