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François Marais francois at busii.com
Thu Aug 30 01:25:38 PDT 2012

Hi Anne

If the only problem you are tackling is breaking lines between isbn and 
following number, then surely a simple substitute will suffice?

echo 'isbn 23987
isbn 293487
' |perl -p0e's/isbn\s*[\x0d\x0a]*\s*(\d+)/isbn $1/gs'
isbn 23987
isbn 98777
isbn 239487
isbn 293487

(to be adjusted according to relevant line feed carriage return situation)


On 29/08/2012 21:53, Anne Wainwright wrote:
> Note: Beware! Default reply-to is to the list.
> Hello,
> I am using the Text::Format module. It works well but I cannot get any
> mileage out of one feature. I'll append the section from the pod file
> here:
> The module will take text input from whererever and format it in various
> ways designed to suit any conceivable need.
> This option is in this case is to  prevent breaking of a line of text at a
> sensitive point.
> In my case i dont want to break "isbn 123456789" leaving "isbn" at the
> end of the line and "123456789" at the start of the next.
> ------------------------------
> noBreakRegex \%HASH || NOTHING
>             Pass in a reference to your hash that would hold the regexes
> on
>             which not to break.  Without any arguments, it returns the
> hash.
>             eg.
>                 {'^Mrs?\.$' =>  '^\S+$','^\S+$' =>  '^(?:S|J)r\.$'}
>             don't break names such as Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Jones Jr.
> -------------------------
> this isn't really a regex query, but just to note that the above seems a
> little weird with "Mrs" sandwiched between both start of line and finish
> of line anchoris. Still I can make my regex to suit if that is what is
> needed.
> So I have the following to get my regex into a hash:
>      my  %regx = ('^isbn$'=>'^[0-9]{9,13}X?$');  # my regex
>      $text->noBreakRegex(\%regx);  # this sets the option
> Well we compile, but I have isbn breaks all over. All reasonable and
> many unreasonable changes have no effect except to break the script.
> Any ideas welcome, please.
> Anne
> PS. I am using the Padre IDE now.
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