[Za-pm] Senior Perl Developer Requirement

Oskar Pearson oskar at qualica.com
Tue Jun 7 08:22:25 PDT 2005


We, Qualica, are looking for a perl developer.

(Please excuse cross-posts to any other lists you are on.)

For more information on us, see www.qualica.com, or drop me a mail.

Please submit CVs etc to hr at qualica.com.



Senior Perl Developer

Work on the design, development and implementation of a variety of
mod_perl web-based projects within a small project team.

Required Skills

1. Perl (5+ years experience)

   - Excellent Perl skills (OO, DBI, CPAN, XS)
   - Experience on Linux/UNIX platforms

2. Database (3+ years experience)

   - Excellent working knowledge of SQL
   - Working knowledge of RDBMS (Sybase 11.x/12.x, MS SQL Server 7/2000,
     PostgreSQL 7.x)
   - Experience on Linux/UNIX platforms
   - Beneficial to have good design, stored procedure and performance
     tuning skills

3. Web Development (3+ years experience)

   - Good knowledge of HTML, DHTML
   - Good Javascript/ECMAScript skills (Procedural and OO)
   - Experience with Apache and mod_perl
   - Experience on Linux/UNIX platforms

4. Design Methodologies (1+ years experience)

   - Working knowledge of UML
   - Ability to work from Technical Design Specifications
   - Ability to adhere to design and coding standards

Beneficial Skills

1. CVS/Subversion - working knowledge
2. XML, SAX, XSLT skills
3. C/C++, Java - working knowledge

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