[yapc] I need your help with Perl and the Internet of Things at YAPC::NA

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Fri Jan 13 13:02:28 PST 2012

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 10:17, Zachary Zebrowski
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> My $0.02:
> Scoping your projects is a good thing.  Some of the things that you see on
> make blog are way to complicated for non-ee people to get done, but to
> "just" blink a LED or to send text to an LCD screen, is more on the pratical
> side.  (And useful when you need to monitor systems at work.)  Most of the
> componets that you purchase will have some sort of tutorial available on
> line, particuarlly from spark fun electronics or adafruit.  Personally, I'm
> interested in things like the http://beagleboard.org/ or
> http://www.raspberrypi.org/ which are ARM computers, which run flavors of
> linux... if we could port perl to one of those (right now it's a cross
> compile nightmare), and have access to the terminals to send lcd characters
> to screen, and have ethernet wifi available, that's would be cool... :)
> (Price points - beagleboard $100 (available, though limited supply, from
> adafruit), Pi - $25 (available soon)).  I'm trying to get the time myself to
> look into the diydrones ( http://www.diydrones.com/ ) type stuff, but I have
> a feeling that the ee required might be too hard for me to chew.  Currently,
> my plan is to get the software that supports the dcpm (http://dc.pm.org)
> podcast (http://dcpmpodcast.dyndns.org/ ) to a releasable state, write a
> presentation, get it publically released, then submit it for inclusion to
> YAPC-NA... :)
> Best,
> Zak
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The Raspberry Pi has two price points: model A $25 and model B $35.
The $35 version has ethernet and a second usb port (via a built-in
hub).  The model Bs are in production now (they actually started a
week or so ago).  It comes with gcc and (according to comments in
their FAQ page) Perl 5 is already running on it.

Chas. Owens
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