[yapc] arrival dinner news

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Sat Jun 10 23:32:43 PDT 2006

the votes are in and goose island is the winner. it is a brew pub with
some decent looking food.

i am working on booking a room at the wrigleyville location as that has
rooms large enough for 100+ perl hackers. i should have it locked on
monday (more when that happens).

we now need to vote on the menu and veggies will need to choose
additional platters since the buffet entrees are carniverously

go to this wiki page and vote as indicated:


this is open to everyone (since you pay your own way!) but we do need an
accurate head count so add yourself (and friends) to the list.

and BRING CASH!! credit cards are a pain for us and them.



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