[yapc] Time to freeze the wiki?

James Mastros james at mastros.biz
Tue Jun 29 21:40:15 CDT 2004

Brian Ingerson wrote:
> So here's the scoop: 
> I will leave the Kwiki in regular mode until you tell me to freeze it.
> Then I'll just disable the edit and revisions plugins completely. I've
> tried this and it works just great.
> When I finish writing a spam protection plugin, I'll install it on the
> site and open things up again.
> BTW I spent a little time getting the YAPC Kwiki onto the CPAN released
> Kwiki versions. Let me know if anything broke.
As far as wiki spam protection plugins go, consider rejecting (with a 
reasonable error message) pages containing new non-obfuscated links to 
domains other then those on a whitelist of known domains.

That should prevent spammers from getting any value out of it, if they 
just want to improve their google rankings... and the only way to stop 
profit-driven behavior like this, at least without finding them and 
putting a motivitaion other then profit in them, which is hard, is to 
make it no longer profitable.

	-=- James Mastros

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