[yapc] Time to freeze the wiki?

Brian Ingerson ingy at ttul.org
Tue Jun 29 16:35:05 CDT 2004

On 29/06/04 13:13 -0500, Bill Odom wrote:
> Ingy said:
> > I can freeze it if there are more spammers than people to maintain it.
> I suggest we leave it open for the remainder of the week so people can
> post any remaining talk notes, slides, photos, etc., and then freeze it.
> I've been checking it a couple of times a day anyway, and I can keep doing
> that for the rest of the week to repair any damage.

So here's the scoop: 

I will leave the Kwiki in regular mode until you tell me to freeze it.
Then I'll just disable the edit and revisions plugins completely. I've
tried this and it works just great.

When I finish writing a spam protection plugin, I'll install it on the
site and open things up again.

BTW I spent a little time getting the YAPC Kwiki onto the CPAN released
Kwiki versions. Let me know if anything broke.

Cheers, Brian

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