[yapc] Fwd: Final YAPC details.

Jim Brandt cbrandt at buffalo.edu
Mon Jun 14 14:31:15 CDT 2004

YAPC is almost here, so here are some last minute details to make 
things run smoothly:

* Parking: you cannot park just anywhere on campus. We have Governors D 
and E lots reserved for the conference. If you park elsewhere, you will 
get a ticket. The parking lot is a bit of a walk from the conference 
building, so if you have special needs, let us know. No, toting a heavy 
laptop is not a special need.

* Please check-in early! Registration/check-in will be open Tuesday 
from 4-8PM in the conference building (NSC). If you arrive on Tuesday, 
please stop over. This will orient you to the campus a bit and prevent 
us from having a line on Wednesday morning.

* Lunches are not provided, but there are several places on campus to 
get lunch. They have been alerted that you are all coming, and we'll 
have some menus. We'll also have directions to help you find the food 
areas. We will provide breakfast and afternoon snacks.

* Wednesday night movie: This has generated lot's of chatter, so here 
are the details as I have them. We do have the theater to ourselves, so 
the MST3K comments will only bother other Perlites. The movie starts at 
10PM, and they have asked us to arrive by 9:30 to get everyone in. 
There will be concession stands open for us. As Uri has mentioned, you 
need to find the social director to get a ticket. We will also be 
handing them out on Wednesday some time. We have about 100 total, and 
they are $8.50 each for extras if you can't get a free one and want to 

* Thursday night, 7-11 we are having the conference dinner at the 
University Inn, and this is covered as part of your 
registration--translation: you already paid for it! This will be a 
buffet dinner with a cash bar. After dinner, we'll have the auction, 
and we have some great stuff to auction off this year.

* To access the wireless in the building, you'll need a 
username/password. If you registered before last Thursday, you'll get 
this info with your registration packet. If you registered after then, 
you'll have to wait until later in the day Wednesday when we get some 
more assigned.

For up-to-date info, check the website and the kwiki. As I mentioned 
before, the kwiki isn't "official" with regard to attendees or dorm 
reservations, but we do sometimes use it to post general information.


See you all soon!!

Jim Brandt
YAPC Coordinator
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

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