[yapc] dinner final results

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Jun 8 18:28:00 CDT 2004

i count 53 names (i left out kevin meltze). those that signed up but say
they may late (long drives) are counted so you are obligated towards
your part of the tab. there are a couple of emailed in ones which i
didn't count as i wasn't sure. but there will be plenty of food for a
few unsigned stragglers and of course ordering from the menu. i expect
there will be some randoms dropping in late anyhow.

also with 53, some will be seated outside the reserved room (which holds
50) but they can get to the buffet.

here is the final menu according to the voting:

Crudites with dip as Hor D'oeuvre
buffalo wings (i have to place this order as it is extra)

    * minestrone (veggie) (8)

salad with choice of
    * balsamic vinagrette (6)
    * bleu cheese (6) 

    * green beans amandine (16)
    * oven herb-roasted potatoes (13)

Penne with homemade (veggie) marinara sauce; this comes standard with
the buffet.

    * Top Round of Beef (11) 
    * Roasted breast of turkey (7)
    * Herb-Roasted Chicken (8)

individually served french vanilla ice cream with choice of topping

    * chocolate sauce (11)

so that's it folks. i will be calling this in now.



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