[yapc] England Vs. Switzerland

James A. Duncan jduncan at fotango.com
Mon Jun 7 09:55:35 CDT 2004

On 5 Jun 2004, at 16:44, Uri Guttman wrote:

>>>>>> "JAD" == James A Duncan <jduncan at fotango.com> writes:
>   JAD> The game in question (England vs. Switzerland) kicks off at 
> about
>   JAD> midday on the Thursday, and I really need to find somewhere I 
> can
>   JAD> watch it.  Is there anywhere anybody on this list is familiar 
> with
>   JAD> that might be showing the match?
> google for sports bars in nyc and buffalo. there are enough
> football^Wsoccer fans around (many non-merkin types) that some bars are
> known for having soccer on their tellys.

Hmm, this is looking tricky,  my talk ends at 11:40 and the nearest 
place that I can find showing the game is in Canada. I'm guessing that 
I won't be able to make the 38 miles to St. Catherines in 20 minutes :)

This is seriously bad news :-(


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