[yapc] arrival dinner reminder

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Sat Jun 5 23:18:03 CDT 2004

hey all,

we have 40 signups for the arrival dinner which is great (that being the
minimum for the buffet setup). the room will hold 50 so there are still
seats for more to join in the feast. and if you just wander in without an
rsvp, you won't be thrown out (well, maybe :). the restaurant (like
many) account for a couple of extra for food anyhow. and any real
overflow can order from the menu.

so rsvp now and don't forget to vote for the menu choices. the deadline
for both is this tuesday, june 8th.

the menu (based on the vote leaders) as of the moment is:

crudites with dip and wings (both perlish and pythish)

minestrone soup (big lead)

salad with balsamic vinagrette or thousand island (who voted for
that?). a few others are 1 vote off the pace.

green beans amandine by a landslide

oven herb-roasted potatoes are way in front

Penne with homemade (veggie) marinara sauce (not contested!)

Roasted breast of turkey
Herb-Roasted Chicken
Top Round of Beef

Boneless Chicken Breast portofino style (red wine, artichokes,
mushrooms) is trailing by a nose.

where are the Swedish Meatballs lovers? come out of your closets!

french vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. (a buncha chocoholics
stuffed the ballot box IMNSHO).

looking forward to it,


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