[Wellington-pm] Jupityr and data critique

Peter Kelly perlmonger at pck.co.nz
Thu Oct 26 23:07:39 PDT 2017


I've just come back from a very stimulating two weeks stationed in a
Silicon Valley office park, scrutinising some software.

While in the Bay area I had lots of interesting conversations.  People were
universally scornful about the fact I still write Perl, but hey, they
probably didn't find my hat very fashionable either.

I often talked about the challenge I have finding any peer-scrutinizable
way to expose data and transformations.  The scrutiny work I was doing was
very focused on taking smallish (~ 30,000 record) data sets and performing
moderately complex maths on them - say maths that is within the
capabilities of a fairly bright senior high school student.

Normally people do this using Excel.  Using tables, you can use names for
columns and tables, so it does at least allow you to write things like
MAX(yourvar,myvar) instead of MAX(A1,B1).

Anyway, the Silicon Valley cool kids all say that Jupityr notebooks are the
answer.  Comments?

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