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Steve Piner Steve.Piner at signify.co.nz
Tue Mar 14 15:05:15 PDT 2017

As mentioned in the meeting, PPI might be useful for Perl-ish syntax 
checking, without executing Perl. If you use syntax-warping modules 
however, PPI probably won't be sufficient.


Another downside - it's not particularly quick. Though if your module 
has a lot of dependencies, and is connecting to random databases, it 
might be faster than that... :-)


On 15/03/17 09:53, Grant McLean wrote:
> Hi Mongers
> Thanks to everyone who came along last night and special thanks to those
> who did a talk.  It was an enjoyable evening and a record size crowd in
> recent memory.  I've put up some slides/links on the web site (feel free
> to send me yours if I didn't get it):
>      http://wellington.pm.org/archive/
> The next meeting is scheduled for April 11th.  Let me know if you'd like
> to do a talk or suggest a topic.
> Cheers
> Grant
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