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See below.

Last year I had a clash for almost all the meetings and the School Board I'm
on is going to clash again.

I'm happy to speak when I can make it.

A topic of interest to me is Machine Learning and I'd be happy to hear
anyone's adventures into that with Perl.


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Hi Mongers

We need to talk about the future of Wellington Perl Mongers ...

Do people want to continue to have monthly technical meetings?

Throughout 2016, attendance levels were low and I really found it a struggle
from month to month to find people willing to do a talk - so huge thanks to
everyone who did speak last year!  I'm leaning towards the conclusion that
it's not worth bothering any more - convince me I'm wrong :-)

The format we have been following is by no means set in stone.  If you have
ideas for how to make it better and how to boost attendance then please
reply on the list and we can talk about them.

Are any of you keen to come along but have other commitments that clash?
The schedule can be changed.  Would you be more or less likely to attend if
meetings were every two months?

What type of talks would get you coming back?  More beginner / intermediate
talks or more advanced topics?  Any specific topics you'd like to see

Will you be volunteering to talk this year?  If so, what about?  If not, why

Is there something that I'm doing (or not doing) that puts you off
attending?  If there is, I need to know so I can fix that - please tell me.

Traditionally, the first meeting of the year is a lightning talk meeting on
the second Tuesday of February - that would be next Tuesday (also, by
coincidence this year that's also Valentines day, does that matter?).

Can we actually pull together a lightning talk meeting in one week?  If you
think we can and want to take part, then email me to book a 5 minute talk
slot.  If you think delaying until March would help then say so.

Is anyone out there?  What do you think?

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