[Wellington-pm] IDEs round-the-room

Dan Horne dan.horne at redbone.co.nz
Fri Jun 23 09:37:55 PDT 2017

I'm one of those rare people who prefers an IDE. At my current workplace I
use Notepad++, but that's because I'm not allowed to install software
myself, and development isn't my primary job anymore. I love Komodo and the
debugger. Stepping through code, setting breakpoints and inspecting
variables is much more preferable to the way I work than scattering print
statements. I have identified bugs in CPAN modules because I step through
all code, and not having to sprinkle print in other's code is a bonus.

The downsides: it's not cheap. ActiveState keeps changing the UI and this
throws me with each update. Once I find a way of navigating and working I
don't want to change. I've actually downgraded to v7 because that's the UI
I prefer and I see no reason to upgrade again.

The upsides for me, besides the debugger integration. It's multi-language,
multi-platform (I use Linux, Mac and Windows) and I can add macros that can
be invoked with keystrokes such as formatting my code with Perl Tidy. It
integrates with source control, can save remotely (via SSH), identifies
syntax errors in real time. As I said, I prefer to use an old version, but
there are a host of newer features in the latest version (

I won't include screenshots - you see them in the ActiveState site, and you
can download a trial from there.


P.S. On a side note, I used Xarka's OptiPerl 15 years ago when I was
working in the UK. It's Windows only, and I doubt it's been updated since
then. But it will have all the features you'd probably ever want, including
realtime syntax checking, and debugging. Plus it's only US$39 for a
personal licence. http://www.xarka.com/optiperl/features.html

On 23 June 2017 at 21:35, Peter Kelly <perlmonger at pck.co.nz> wrote:

> Hi mongers,
> Could we have a round-the-room about IDEs?
> But as I sit here this balmy winter night, I find myself reading through
> http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=1137488 which talks about integrated
> debugging in an IDE.
> I do my Perl coding mostly in Windows this month for bizarre reasons, such
> as that I can't get Linux to drive my 4K monitor on my hardware.  I use
> Notepad++, which highlights most keywords nicely and offers variable
> auto-completion.  But it doesn't have Perl debugger integration.
> I see from that comment that Eclipe is supposed to be the answer to the
> maiden's prayer.  I haven't forgiven it yet for being a dog more than a
> decade ago.
> Padre appears to be a dead duck - there is no activity on the IRC
> archives, or mailing list, and it won't compile from CPAN.
> I note a mention of the topic from Grant in his list message of Tue, 16
> Jun 2009 14:27:27
> Would it be annoying if I asked people to share a screen-shot of their
> IDE?
> On an unrelated note, is there any easy way to localise (deep-copy) an
> array of hashes?
> Peter
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