[Wellington-pm] Meeting tomorrow evening

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Sun Aug 13 16:14:58 PDT 2017

Hi Mongers

This month's meeting of Wellington Perl Mongers is on tomorrow evening -
Tuesday the 15th.

Nobody has stepped up to do a talk so I'm hoping to encourage a little
bit more engagement with this idea: 

        Script Spotlight

        Briefly tell us about a script you've written and use regularly.
        Things you might talk about:
         * What problem  it solves - how it makes your life better
         * An interesting feature of the code
         * Ideas you have for making it better
         * What made it super easy (e.g.: a CPAN module, a feature of
           Perl, etc.)
         * Did you write your script in Perl - why/why not?

I think if we can get a few people to talk about one or two of their
scripts it will make for an interesting session.

If you can't immediately think of a candidate script then here are some
places to look to jog your memory:

 * your $HOME/bin directory
 * /usr/local/bin
 * your cgi-bin directory
 * scripts called from cron jobs
 * scripts called from your editor
 * scripts attached to a hot key
 * Nagios checks

See you tomorrow evening - with your script :-)


On Mon, 2017-08-07 at 09:24 +1200, Grant McLean wrote:
> Hi Mongers
> The August meeting of Wellington Perl Mongers is on next Tuesday (the
> 15th).
> As yet, we don't have anyone lined up to speak so I'm very keen to hear
> from anyone who would like to do a talk or suggest a topic.
> Cheers
> Grant
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