[Wellington-pm] Meeting next Tuesday

Florent Mara florent.mara at nzregen.co.nz
Wed Apr 2 15:01:55 PDT 2014

Hi Grant & everyone,
I am preparing a talk for later this year but unfortunately I don't have
anything ready for next week.

I could be interested in learning about error catching in Perl. I have seen
the Try::Tiny slides in the archives of the Welly PM and I recall you
mentioning 'catching errors in Perl is still way to difficult' and I was
wondering if anyone could be interested in sharing their experience in Perl
error catching best practice in April 2014 (ie maybe some recent packages
are doing a fine job on recent Perl interpreters).

In my projects we don't do a very neat job with error handling, simply
catching sig die/warn and throwing  the message into the database.

... otherwise, I am still eagerly awaiting the Peek inside Perl's internal
(part 2) ... :-)

Anyway, just a few suggestions.

Cheers, Florent

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:03 PM, Grant McLean <grant at mclean.net.nz> wrote:

> Hi Mongers
> Nearly a month has passed since the last meeting (doesn't time fly!) and
> I never even said thanks to Olly ...
> Thank you Olly for your talk on Perl and SWIG last month!  Olly's slides
> are up here (and also linked from our talks archive page):
>   http://survex.com/~olly/talks/perl-and-swig/
> With the next meeting only a week away, I'm very keen to hear from
> anyone who'd like to speak.  Or even anyone who can suggest a topic
> they'd like to hear about - perhaps we can find someone to tackle it.
> Reply to me or the list.
> Cheers
> Grant
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