[Wellington-pm] Catalyst

Travis Holton travis at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Aug 31 02:00:49 PDT 2012

On 31.08.2012 8:00 PM, Cliffp wrote:
> On 31/08/12 14:37, William Travis Holton wrote:
>> Like everything, it is really a matter of personal taste. Catalyst
>> is fine and has lots of cool features. However, I would definitely
>> recommend giving Mojolicious a try. I (personally) think the syntax
>> for controllers looks a little nicer than Catalyst (eg. you don't
>> have to drag around the extra "$c" context variable everywhere).
>> Although, I admit my experience with it is fairly limited.
> I saw that ($c) and thought that it was pretty cool. But maybe I'm
> easily pleased?
I didn't want to imply that $c is bad. I just think it's a bit redundant
that you always have to pass that extra parameter around. In mojolicious
at least, the context stuff is in $self directly.

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