[Wellington-pm] Catalyst

Cliffp enkidu at cliffp.com
Thu Aug 30 14:18:38 PDT 2012

On 30/08/12 09:48, Andrew Chilton wrote:
> On 30 August 2012 09:25, Nigel McNie <nigel at mcnie.name> wrote:
>> Thus... stay away from DBIx::Class? :)
> This is orthogonal to what Grant said. I took it as "if you do know
> SQL, great, if you don't know SQL then learn some". At that point,
> make an informed decision about what you're going to use, rather than
> using or not using something blindly. :)
> Which I think is good. I'd say the same for Catalyst and Dancer. Learn
> something about them before choosing. We're all opinionated suckers so
> our responses will always be one way or the other. I prefer to say
> learn something first then start making your own decisions based on
> skillset, what you know and (of course) other people's opinions.
Yes Andrew, I agree. I prefer to use a package's bits and bobs in the 
way that the writer of the package intended just in case I miss the 
subleties of the reasons why he did it that way (which may be 
idiosyncratic of course) and then when I know enough about the package, 
I can decide to do things another way if I want.

Must look at Dancer.



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