[Wellington-pm] Gauging interest for a Go! User Group in Wellington

Andrew Chilton chilts at appsattic.com
Mon Aug 15 20:43:14 PDT 2011

Hi everyone,

Firstly, sorry for spamming the PerlMongers list, you can smack me at
next month's social. :)

Recently I've been getting more and more interested in learning,
playing with and using Go! (http://golang.org/) for real projects. Not
the board game, but the open source language released by Google a
couple of years ago. Hence, I'm looking to start a Go User Group here
in Wellington and would like to gauge interest from anyone who may or
may not turn up.

If you are interested, I'd be keen on hearing suggestions on any and
all of the following. Hell, even if you're not interested you can
still reply (so long as your reasons are constructive) and we may be
able to figure something out to make it better. Answers/Suggestions to
any of the following is greatly appreciated:

1) Are you interested in attending? Yes/No/Maybe and why?
2) Which (day of week, week of month) combination suits you best? What
other user groups must we avoid clashes with?
3) What kind of format would you prefer? Presentations, chats or both?
Any other suggestions?
4) Any other lists I should spam ... erm ... ask (or please forward
this to them for me, thanks)?

Also, I'd be looking for any offerings of office space or suggestions
of meeting places which might be suitable since I don't have my own
offices (yet). Remember, it'd be nice to keep going to the same place
for a longish time rather than having to chop and change places every


P.S. Please reply just to me off list. I can post the results if you'd like.

Andrew Chilton
e: chilts at appsattic.com
w: http://www.appsattic.com/
p: +64 21 891 681

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