[Wellington-pm] Some Redis Links (and other datastores)

michael at diaspora.gen.nz michael at diaspora.gen.nz
Tue Nov 10 13:40:56 PST 2009

Andrew Chilton writes:
>If anyone knows any more, I'd be keen to know about them. Lots seem to
>have cropped up over the last few years and I find it quite an
>interesting subject area at the moment.

Some more links:


    GitHub have invented yet-another-queueing system based on Redis.


    A review/taxonomy of current "NoSQL" systems.


    Digg talking about a data modeling problem, and how Cassandra "helped"
    them (personally it just looked like they'd got their indexes wrong,
    but anyway...)


    A description of the Cassandra data model, which helps a little with
    how to use these systems.


    Linked from the previous, the 2nd section shows a data modelling
    example Google use for web crawling.


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