[Wellington-pm] Grant's first draft [was: Last Thursday's Perl Mongers Meeting]

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Nov 8 21:11:46 PST 2009

Matthew Hunt wrote:

> Here's a public Google Calendar for the 2010 schedule (second Tuesday of
> each month - no meeting in January or December).  The actual date of
> meetings may vary, but generally doesn't.

If there's traditionally no meeting in January, how about a LCA inspired meeting
on either the Sunday before, Monday* or Friday** nights or the Saturday
afternoon after the Open day***.  The other nights are usually taken up for
various people:

	Tuesday: Speaker dinner
	Wednesday: Conference dinner
	Thursday: Professional delegates dinner

but Sunday, Monday and Friday often have people gathering loosely and you'll
have a number of guest speakers available.

* - Some miniconf organisers arrange to do something fun with their speakers
afterwards in appreciation; although they don't advertise the fact.  Thus some
potential attendees may discover themselves quite torn if you choose Monday
night.  This isn't very reliable though, so I think Monday is a good bet.

** - Some conferences have had various events on the Friday evening, such as the
Google party at Sydney (really awesome) and Melbourne (not as awesome) and the
bar thing in Tasmania (not very awesome at all).  I don't know whether the team
has organised something for 2010 so I don't know if that is an option.

*** - I don't actually know if the Open day is happening, or whether this is
feasible, but it's an idea.  Lots of people will fly out on Saturday, so maybe
it isn't.

In any case, I expect to be up for drinks and socialisation the Saturday and
Sunday nights before the conf at the least!


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