[Wellington-pm] Complex config files

Lesley Longhurst lrw at clear.net.nz
Wed May 13 18:13:32 PDT 2009

Hi all,
Some of you may remember a while ago I brought in some code from work to 
talk about, and it was based around a truly hideous config file.

I'm now working on replacing some of that stuff with a new script, and 
the time has come to invent a better config file format. So, I'm 
interested in recommendations for a good module to use for reading and 
writing complex config files.

Ideally, such a module would meet the following requirements:
- well-documented
- currently supported
- a usable version available in a Debian package for Etch

and the config file itself needs to
- be easily read and edited by humans
- support repeated sub-sections
- allow multiple entries for parameters within the same section and 
- allow for lots of comments

Any suggestions?

By way of example, I've attached a first cut of the sort of thing I'm 
thinking of (and for your amusement I've also attached a fragment of the 
existing config file that I derived it from.)

Lesley Longhurst (previously Walker)
Linux Systems Administrator
Opus International Consultants Ltd
Email lesley.longhurst at opus.co.nz
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Wellington, New Zealand

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