[Wellington-pm] I must be stupid...

Andrew McMillan andrew at morphoss.com
Tue May 5 03:48:42 PDT 2009

... but you probably already knew that :-)

Can someone please explain to me why I get a difference between these:

  $text =~ s/\s+/ /s;


  $text = join( ' ', split( /\s+/s, $text) );

Assuming that $text is a multi-line string beforehand, and I want it to
be a single-line string afterwards.

The first one doesn't do what I want - to replace sequences of
whitespace (including newlines) with a single space.  The second seems
remarkably long-winded to achieve what I want, and quite probably less
efficient than one might hope, as well.

I expect that I am missing something blindingly obvious, and an
explanation will no doubt assist my progress along the path to perl


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