[Wellington-pm] Visiting Wellington

Lenz Gschwendtner lenz at gschwendtner.eu
Wed Jan 28 21:04:24 PST 2009

>> It's always nice to meet up with travelling Perl folks.  We even  
>> have a
>> few Germans in our group.
> Cool! :)

... you can flee to the other end of the world, but you'll never  
escape germans :-)

>> If you'd like to meet up for a beer and maybe a meal on Feb 24th or  
>> 25th
>> then I'm sure we can get some folk together.  If you want to tell us
> That sounds great! (Even though, despite being a native german, I
> never drink beer. But I've heard that you got great wine down there!)

i wont go into any regional wars here, stuttgart, no beer, *shaking  
head* nuf said :-D

welcome down here and have a nice trip through this wonderful country


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