[Wellington-pm] Bids open to run OSDC 2009

jarich at perltraining.com.au jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Jan 14 17:51:27 PST 2009

The Open Source Developers' Conference has been run successfully for
the last 5 years, drawing bigger crowds every year.  For the first
three of those years (2004-2006) it ran in Melbourne before moving to
Brisbane (2007) and Sydney (2008).  Each year it has had at least
three full streams of content running concurrently, catered tea breaks
and lunches, a formal sit-down conference dinner on the first night,
and free speaker entry.  Some years have also included one or two days
of tutorial content.

The Open Source Developers' Conference provides an important
opportunity for developers of open source applications and developers
who use open source tools to share knowledge and teach each other
about the changes and new ideas that have come up in the last year or
so.  Our core focus is on writing code, and the tools that make that

The Open Source Developers' Club exec are seeking applications from
interested parties to host the 2009 Open Source Developers'
Conference.  Location is not an issue, so long as you are in the
oceanic region.  If you are interested, or know someone that is,
please complete the application form at
http://tinyurl.com/osdc2009-application before 1st March 2009. The
submission email address is included at the top of the form.

We do have some model rules ( http://www.osdcon.org/wiki/Model_Rules )
and a lot of ideas to share.  Having said that, we're willing to be as
active or quiet as you need us to be.

Traditionally the conference has been run in either the last week of
November or the first week in December, if you want to deviate a lot
from these dates you will need to talk to us first.  You will need at
group of 6-8 dedicated people who are able to give up an average of 3
hours a week from the acceptance date through to the conference
itself.  You will be responsible for:

        - finding and booking the venue(s)
        - managing your finances (there will be some seed capital)
        - advertising your call for papers to as many open source
          programming groups you know (we're happy to share our list
          with you too)
        - creating the program (preferably ensuring that no one
          language or concept unduly dominates)
	- identifying, deciding upon and inviting keynote speakers
        - organising all the social events
	- organising the catering
        - seeking and arranging sponsorships
        - advertising the conference
        - finding volunteers and running an awesome conference

In return you will get:

        - help from us when asked
        - the satisfaction of arranging an awesome conference
        - fame for running the best OSDC yet
        - a chance to improve your profile in the open source world
        - kudos from the exec committee, speakers and attendees

As this is such a big undertaking, we want you to know that we'll
support you every step of the way.  Should you need more help, we're
here to offer advice or step in and do things if we can.  Although
OSDC Inc isn't flush with cash, there are funds to cover deposits
before the money comes in.  If for unforeseen difficulties the
conference makes a loss, you won't be out of pocket; although we do
ask that you keep us apprised of the financial situation on a regular
basis and warn us if there may be a problem.

We look forward to seeing your application!

        The Open Source Developers' Club Exec

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