[Wellington-pm] Speakers needed!!

Lenz Gschwendtner lenz at gschwendtner.eu
Thu Aug 27 22:18:55 PDT 2009

i did quite a bit of work on RabbitMQ -> perl integration and some  
helping out writing Net::AMQP (and - not listening to grants warnings  
- writing Net::AMQP::Simple) all only on github in the moment.

in case there is some interest in message driven infrastructures in  
perl i could push some stuff i work on in slides ...


On 28/08/2009, at 4:12 PM, Grant McLean wrote:

> Hi Mongers
> Weeks have gone by and I've totally failed to say "thank you" to our
> speakers from the August meeting, so ...
> Thank you to Douglas, Sam and Martyn - our speakers from the August
> meeting! The slides are up on the web site (except for Martyn's, but  
> he
> probably just needs a reminder):
> http://wellington.pm.org/archive/index.html
> The next meeting of Wellington Perl Mongers is two Tuesdays away on
> September 8th.
> There are no speakers scheduled yet so I really need to hear from
> volunteers.
> I hope you're all also thinking about submitting a talk for the Open
> Languages MiniConf at the upcoming LCA.  If you are, then you might  
> want
> to book a slot at Wellington.pm to practice your talk.
> If there's anyone lurking on the list thinking "I'd come along to the
> meeting if there was a talk about <INSERT SUBJECT HERE>" then speak up
> on the list and tell us what you want to hear about.
> Cheers
> Grant
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