[Wellington-pm] Speakers needed!!

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Thu Aug 27 21:12:11 PDT 2009

Hi Mongers

Weeks have gone by and I've totally failed to say "thank you" to our
speakers from the August meeting, so ...

Thank you to Douglas, Sam and Martyn - our speakers from the August
meeting! The slides are up on the web site (except for Martyn's, but he
probably just needs a reminder):


The next meeting of Wellington Perl Mongers is two Tuesdays away on
September 8th.

There are no speakers scheduled yet so I really need to hear from

I hope you're all also thinking about submitting a talk for the Open
Languages MiniConf at the upcoming LCA.  If you are, then you might want
to book a slot at Wellington.pm to practice your talk.

If there's anyone lurking on the list thinking "I'd come along to the
meeting if there was a talk about <INSERT SUBJECT HERE>" then speak up
on the list and tell us what you want to hear about.


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