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OSCON 2009 is on in June in San Jose ...

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> OSCON 2009
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> Register Now and Save for OSCON 2009
>       * News & Coverage
>       * Sponsorship opportunities
>       * Media partnership inquiries 
> What Does Open Source Mean for You and Your Business?
> Find Out at OSCON 2009, July 20-24 in San Jose
> Registration for the 11th annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention is
> open, and registrants are responding quickly, eager to meet the
> challenges and opportunities of current economic conditions, which
> invite the open source community to sustain, apply, and expand open
> source to change the world. At the core of so many emerging
> technologies, open source is driving the innovation engine, offering
> ways to save valuable resources in your organization to keep your
> business moving forward in tough times.
> Join us in San Jose, as we redefine the future of open source,
> including the savings and benefit it can bring to all of us. We'll
> offer you savings of $250 when you register for OSCON by June 2.
> Seventeen tracks, hundreds of sessions
> More than 200 sessions will focus on how open source can save money,
> save the day, and change the world. Seventeen tracks include:
> Administration, Business, Databases, Desktop Applications, Design &
> Usability, Emerging Topics, Java, Linux, Mobile, People, Perl, PHP,
> Programming, Python, Ruby, Security, and Web Applications. More than
> enough to satisfy the 3,000 or so conference participants, many
> looking for new opportunities to regroup, retrain, and rebuild.
> Build skills at more than 3 dozen in-depth, 3-hour tutorials
> A primary tenet of the open source community is that there is always a
> better way, which makes OSCON one of the most valuable and energizing
> training experiences you'll ever find. Here are just a few of the
> hands-on tutorials you can register for on Monday and Tuesday:
>       * Introduction to JRuby — Neal Ford (Thoughtworks)
>       * Introduction to Google App Engine — Joe Gregorio (Google)
>       * Perl 6: Why? What? How? — Damian Conway (Thoughtstream)
>       * Automating Enterprise Workflow with Open Source Tools — Jim
>         Brandt (SUNY at Buffalo)
>       * Finding the Swan in Squeak's Ugly Ducking — Avi Bryant (Dabble
>         DB)
>       * The Open, Social Web Workshop — Chris Messina (Vidoop), David
>         Recordon (Six Apart), and Joseph Smarr (Plaxo)
>       * Git 101 — Scott Chacon (GitHub)
>       * Distributed Applications with CouchDB — J Chris Anderson and
>         Jan Lehnardt (CouchDB)
>       * Request Tracker Boot Camp — Jesse Vincent (Best Practical)
>       * The PhoneGap Project: Designing for the Device Neutral Mobile
>         Web — Brian LeRoux and Rob Ellis (Nitobi Inc.)
>       * Building Great User Experiences for the Open Web with Dojo —
>         Matthew Russell (Zaffra, LLC)
>       * Scalable Internet Architectures — Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI)
>       * Django in the Real World — Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Django)
>       * Just Enough C for Open Source Projects — Andy Lester
>         (Perlbuzz.com)
>       * Becoming an OpenSolaris Power User — Nicholas Solter
>         (OpenSolaris/Sun Microsystems) and David Miner (Sun
>         Microsystems)
>       * Open-Source Solutions for Cameras in the Digital Age — Tom
>         Christiansen (TCPC)
> That's just a sampling. For details and the whole line-up see the full
> tutorial listing.
> Speakers and sessions for education, inspiration — and profit
>       * Zen and the Art of Abstraction Maintenance — Alex Martelli
>         (Google)
>       * Release Mismanagement: How To Alienate Users and Frustrate
>         Developers — Hyrum Wright (University of Texas at Austin)
>       * Getting Started in Free and Open Source — Cat Allman and
>         Leslie Hawthorn (Google, Inc)
>       * User Interface Year 2020 — Robin Rowe (MovieEditor.com)
>       * Ten Usability Epiphanies for Your Open Source Web-app — Sigurd
>         Magnusson (Silver Stripe)
>       * Stand Up to the Lawyers: Open Source Licensing and
>         Intellectual Property Law 101 for Developers — Donald Smith
>         (The Eclipse Foundation)
>       * Sex and Design Axioms — Juhan Sonin (Involution Studios)
>       * Business Models for Open Source Developers — Darrius
>         Thompson(OpenCandy Inc.)
>       * Situation Normal, Everything Must Change — Simon Wardley
>         (Canonical Ltd)
>       * There Are No Unicorns and Other Lessons Learned While Running
>         an Innovation Team — Rolf Skyberg (eBay Inc.)
>       * The Open Source Rainbow: A Journey into Intercultural and
>         Multilingual Collaboration — Delphine Menard (notafish)
>       * How To Lie Like a Geek — Michael Schwern (Schwerniverse)
>       * If You Don't Own It, We Will: Find Vulnerabilities in Your
>         Code with Fuzzing — Sean Heelan (None)
>       * Portability in the Cloud: An Open Standard for Using Cloud
>         Resources — Alex Polvi (Mozilla)
>       * Beyond the Hype: The True Costs of Open Source — Matt Asay
>         (Alfresco)
>       * What Web App Design Can Learn from the Harpsichord — Elaine
>         Wherry (Meebo)
>       * Coding for Greener Applications: Style Makes a Difference —
>         Tenni Theurer (Yahoo!)
>       * The Bee:UNICEF's Portable Infrastructure for Emergency
>         Communications — Seth Herr (UNICEF)
>       * Practical Computerized Home Automation — Bruce Momjian
>         (EnterpriseDB)
> See the entire 5-day schedule at a glance
> We've posted the conference schedule, day-by-day and hour-by-hour,
> online, so you can see what's when, at a glance. Use our personal
> scheduler function to create your own agenda for the five days--a
> click on the tiny calendar page puts any tutorial, session, or event
> on your individual calendar.
> Attend OSCamp 2009 — free with an Expo Hall pass!
> Running concurrently with the conference on Wednesday and Thursday,
> OSCamp is a community organized event designed to share and improve
> the essential skills required to participate in collaborative, free
> and open online projects. Participants will engage in a mix of
> educational presentations and hands-on coaching from experts in
> participatory communities.
> There's more to come in San Jose
> We'll be telling you about other keynote speakers, additional
> activities, and the Expo Hall in upcoming emails. We do want to point
> out that OSCON has a new venue this year--the San Jose McEnery
> Convention Center in San Jose, California (less than an hour away from
> San Francisco). We are looking forward to the projects and activities
> that this new venue and new technology community provide. Conference
> rates are available at the San Jose Marriott and the Hilton San Jose,
> both connected to the convention center. Check the website for
> details.
> Why you should join us at OSCON 2009
> Some 3,000 developers and programmers, designers, sys admins, hackers
> and geeks, enterprise developers and managers, IT managers and CxOs,
> entrepreneurs, activists, trainers and educators will gather to
> confront the realities of open source technology in today's
> environment--how to stay competitive, how to open up new avenues for
> open source, and how to find better ways to use open source in every
> aspect of business and life. Open source continues to thrive and grow
> because it provides the ability to increase ease of use and lower the
> cost of deployment. 
> If you have ideas for speakers and topics that will make the
> convention a must attend event, send them to oscon-idea at oreilly.com
> For media and promotional partner opportunities, please email to
> mediapartners at oreilly.com
> Early OSCON 2009 Sponsors include: Intel, Google, Facebook, Groundwork
> Open Source, Kaltura, Liferay, Novell, Open Invention Network, and
> Silicon Mechanics.
> Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available to promote your
> company at the 11th annual OSCON. Contact Sharon Cordesse at
> scordesse at oreilly.com for details.
> How could you NOT be with us in San Jose this summer?
> The OSCON 2009 Team
> Register for OSCON 2009 by June 2 to save $250
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