[Wellington-pm] Meetings and stuff

Matthew Hunt matt at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Oct 30 17:17:40 PDT 2008

Grant McLean wrote:
> *** December Meeting ***
> The last meeting of the year will be on the 9th of December.  This is
> traditionally a social meeting rather than a technical one, so we'll
> need to make the important decision about which pub to meet at.
> Suggestions are welcome.

I suggest we meet at J J Murphy.  It is suitably dingy and sells cold
beer in large glasses.


The one slight cloud on the horizon is that Wednesday might be when they
have their happy hour.  I quote:

 "Wed Happy Hour 6-9.....Live Music from 9pm.  2 for 1 bubbles $3 shots,
  $7 Jagermister and SHOT, $7 Vodka & SHOT, $7 Melon & SHOT"

It doesn't sound entirely happy to me, and it's not clear if you get the
whole melon, nor what caliber of SHOT they're giving you for $7.


Matthew Hunt
Catalyst IT Limited, PO Box 11053, Wellington 6142

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