[Wellington-pm] Wellington - June Mini Happy Dev House

Brenda Wallace brenda at wallace.net.nz
Thu May 29 16:52:49 PDT 2008

MiniHappyDevHouse is the first sunday of each month, so the next one is
1st of June - this one is themed "Hello World" - in obscure but awesome
languages  ;)

A few people will be giving lightning talks on some really obscure
languages, how you code a "hello world" program in them and some of
their unique features.

And of course, there will be coding, beer and wifi - assuming you bring
your laptop  :)

Remember to visit the June projects page and list what you'll be working on!
When: 1st June, from 1pm 'til you're bored
Where: Southern Cross - http://thecross.co.nz/


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